Dance Scarves Encourage Creative Movement in Kids

Dance Scarves Encourage Creative Movement in Kids

As parents, we want to encourage our children to break away from the TV and video games and get moving. But many times kids are resistant to formal sports or exercising; seeing it as something their parents want them to do, not something they freely choose to do themselves. By engaging your child in something whimsical and fun, you promote movement in a natural, spontaneous way. Play dancing fits the bill of spontaneous movement perfectly.

What is Creative Movement?

Creative movement is unstructured dance that encourages your child to express themselves through movement. This type of dance uses props to stimulate imagination and engage the senses.

Accessorize for Maximum Fun!

Remember those days of your own youth when you delved into your mother’s closet or jewelry box in search of treasures to wear? Sparkly, flowing, silky or brightly colored; you felt a special thrill when you wore them. Let your child experience that same thrill!

While props can be anything you have on hand, a special outfit might be just the thing to make dance your child’s activity of choice. For maximum versatility, a kid’s dance scarf that jingles and shimmers with the slightest movement certainly fits the bill. Dance scarves can be tied around the waist, held around the shoulders or used as a fluttery hand ornament. Because kids respond well to things that engage their senses and make them feel special, this tinkling treasure is sure to be a hit.

Set the Scene

Music is critical component to dance, so put on your child’s favorite or search for inspiration on YouTube or iTunes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Something soft and serene like Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” may make your child dance like a fairy or float like a falling leaf.
  • Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” will have your child galloping around the house at top speed.
  • If your child loves super heroes, the theme song of their favorite character will get them into the spirit.
  • Tie on the dance scarf and encourage your child to make the hip scarf jingle to the modern melodies of belly dance.

Once your child sees how much fun creative movement can be, they’ll want to keep going. And they might not be the only ones!

Dance Scarves for Kids

The fun noise and the glamorous look of a kid’s dance scarf stimulates creative movement! offers dance scarves fit for children in a host of colors and designs. We also carry full belly dance costumes for kids and other accessories such as headbands and jewelry. Don’t forget to order a hip scarf for yourself. Nothing inspires a child more than seeing their parents in action. Visit our Kids Dance Scarves page to browse all the options we have available for your young ones!


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