Wholesale Belly Dancing Scarves with Free Shipping

Wholesale Belly Dancing

Like phones and television, people are getting smarter. Some are buying wholesale belly dancing scarves and selling them in their dance studios and online. Whether it is a retail store in a local mall or shopping on eBay or amazon online, people are always trying to make money. Since online shopping is taking over sales from retail stores, people are going towards a new trend of buying wholesale, according to an article, “10 Things You Should Buy in Bulk,” by Matt Sailor. To help this trend, Belly Scarf is offering free shipping store wide to help boost small businesses.

Belly Dancing Scarves

It started with Costco, a store which offers lower prices to shoppers with a catch to buy in bulk. Costco was smart enough to figure out that even the profits per item were small, they would make profits on bigger quantity. The shoppers are smart to figure out that even though they are spending more money, they are actually saving more money because they will use that quantity anyway. So it’s a win-win situation for both ends. Belly Scarf started the same concept in the wholesale belly dancing scarves industry.

Instead of going to a local store to buy a belly dancing scarf for $20 each, online shoppers can now buy the same belly dancing scarf for $6 each at Belly Scarf when you buy 10 of them. Since this is open to the public, women who are using them for their Zumba classes and belly dancing classes are not just buying them for themselves, they are buying them for their entire class. With free shipping, the offer gets too good to pass up.  Wholesale belly dancing scarves are a great bargain with all these added incentives.

Wholesale Clothes

Also they are not just buying for to save money, they are becoming entrepreneurs by selling them to their classes for double the profits and raking in the benefits. The term, wholesale clothes is also catching on ebay and amazon as people are buying things in bulk and lots and making a living from buying in wholesale and selling in retail. The new generation these days are doing things smarter and while working in their 9-5 jobs. They are using their extra time to not just save money buy also make money by keeping their overhead costs low.

“The key to making money for entrepreneurs and belly dancers is to buy belly dance wholesale and buy in bigger quantities”, says Vijay Harkishnani, the CEO of Belly Scarf. Belly dance costumes and accessories used to be expensive but are coming down in price because of the openness of pricing available on the internet. Either way, it is a win for the wholesaler and, especially a win for the consumer with free shipping.

For more information, visit their company website at http://www.BellyScarf.com

Company: Belly Scarf
Press Contact: Vijay Harkishnani, Founder and CEO
Press Phone: 1-800-743-1860

Custom Wholesale Belly Dancing Scarves

Belly Scarf loves to hear your feedback and we take every suggestion very seriously because we know our customers know exactly what they want from our Wholesale Belly Dancing Scarves.

On July 21st we had a customer suggest this, “I also order a big batch and have sold almost all of them they are beautiful, do wish I could combine sizes needs some for children and some for XXlarge ladies.”

Within Hours, we put together a Wholesale Custom Package for all customers to use and sent her the link



For more suggestions, call us at 1-800-743-1860 or email us at info@bellyscarf.com and we promise to listen and try our best to make it come true.

Thank You : )



Square Dancing with Belly Dancing Scarves in their Retirement Community

People from all across the globe are loving our Belly Scarves.  They have unlimited uses for them.  We had a customer who says she put them on her horses for a local town parade, another gal said, she wears them in the kitchen because it “helps her gets through her dishes faster and more fun.”  And now, Roberta in her Retirement Community started wearing them in her Square Dancing Class and everyone wanted one.  So she brought them to her class and everyone wore one and loved it.   

Our Customer, Roberta in the retirement community called at 9 am on July 18, 2013 and said, “We at the retirement community love your jingly belly scarves because they take us another place, and makes us feel good about ourselves.”

Our Team at Belly Scarf loves to hear these stories because it makes our day, and continues to give us a reason to work harder and promote them so it brings more smiles to every woman out there.

At BellyScarf, this is Our Vision

 “To Promote a Belly Scarf on Every Woman’s Hip and Help Bring a Smile in her Beautiful Day”

Here is the Video Roberta Shared, Enjoy:

Do you have your Story to Share? or any Comments?  Please Post them here so everyone can hear and Share the Love:

Belly Dancing Scarves changing Fitness Clubs

Belly Dancing Scarves

Women are losing the most calories by dancing to the rhythm of the music in their local Gym. Fitness gyms like Curves, LA Fitness and others are following a trend in adapting to fun dancing to attracting and retaining more customers.

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) June 30, 2013

It is a sight to be seen; a group of women with bright jingly belly dancing scarves and makeup, rushing with their friends, excited as if they are going to a club to get their dance on. Although these girls are dancing to their favorite hip hop beats in the dark, they are not in a 21 or over bar. Instead, they are in their local gym working out, losing weight, wearing these jingly belly scarves and having the time of their life.

Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

hip scarfs

hip scarfs

The dance atmosphere is catching on to thousands of local gyms across the United States such as Curves, Shapes, 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and YMCA. Belly dancing hip scarves come in many shapes and sizes.  The addicting trend has assimilated to an estimated five million members at local gyms and attracting and keeping new and existing customers. The traditional gyms are acknowledging that exercising can actually be fun, instead of avoiding exercise as if it was an evil task, like a root canal with their dentist.

Some gyms are adding in Belly Dancing classes, Zumba Fitness and Latin Fusion to their once boring track that nobody ran on. Instead of tight shorts and a tidy whitey t-shirt, fitness enthusiasts are wearing glow in the dark racer back shirts, neon cargo pants and pink leopard jinglies dance scarves for their upcoming fashion session.

Jinglies, also known as a hip scarf is a five-foot-wide skirt that has about 150 coins that jingle as the person walks, dances or makes any movement. The musical coins help them follow the beat of the music as they are dancing their hips and getting an effective ab core workout. Calories start to burn as the time slips away in to the forgotten bliss of the song, “Give me everything tonight,” by the artist Pit Bull.

The high energy atmosphere will not break your wallet either. Typical classes start at five to six dollars per session, and some gyms offer them for free as part of their membership. As far as jingly scarves, they sell for only ten dollars on the website of Jinglies.com. The fouder and CEO of Jinglies said, “”We want all Women to have fun and dance their hearts out so we made a fun scarf which everyone can wear and afford.” Jinglies also recently donated a number of children’s hip scarves to a local charity sponsored by Yum Brands.

Fitness gyms, dance companies, local charities and Jinglies are teaming up to help charities and workout for a good cause – to help women lose weight on a daily consistent basis in a fun supporting environment. Now, who wouldn’t dance to that.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.Jinglies.com

Company: Jinglies
Press Contact: Vijay Harkishnani, Founder and CEO
Press Phone: 1- 800-743-1860
Company Website: http://www.Jinglies.com

Zumbathon – Klothe-a-kid Community

Thank You for helping us donate to “Klothe-a-Kid” Community which Yum-Brandsprovides relief to families living in poverty who have an immediate need of clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, coats and other items of necessity.  

We Love Your Belly Scarves!  Kristi – Yum Brands    

Zumbathon for klothe-akid community

Zumbathon for klothe-akid community





Yard Sale Fundraiser Event:

Saturday, June 22: From 8:00 am- open

Yard Sale Fundraiser and we will be having a pancake brunch/auction/raffle at North Bullitt Christian Church (4265 N Preston Hwy, Shepherdsville, Ky 40165).

If you have items you would like donate to the auction or yard sale they would be greatly appreciated. 


Saturday, July 13th: 8:30 am – 10 am 

  (see attached flyer for details) 

About Us: 

Klothe-A-Kid is an organization that was started in January 2011 designed to offer some relief to families living in poverty who have an immediate need of clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, coats and other items of necessity.




We are run strictly on donation.  We take in new and used clothing, food and toiletries and redistribute them to our local community as well as many other counties in Kentucky, Indiana and hopefully more states to come.  If you don’t have clothing, food, or toiletries to donate, we also take monetary donations and the apply monies where needed.
Here is the latest update regarding our warehouse search…we are moving!  We will be renting warehouse space beginning on May 1, 2013 which will cost us around $500/mo.  This is rent plus utilities.  We are so excited and thankful for this opportunity to be able to expand and function in neat, orderly manner.   We do need sponsors/donors to help cover the cost.

We do intend to purchase this property.  We will continue raising funds to be able to do that.  If you have donated to the building fund or intend to, the funds will be kept in a separate account until we are able to purchase.
We are thankful you have taken the time to check us out!  Let us know if you would like to donate to the cause or if you are in need.  We will try to get back with you promptly.


If you would like to support us but don’t have the money to donate, consider using a Kroger reloadable shopping card.  You can load whatever dollar amount you’d like on it, then shop as usual to purchase groceries, gas and prescriptions.  Kroger then donates 4% of your purchase to KAK.  It’s a win/win with no extra out of pocket expense from you.

To find our more, go to   http://www.klothe-a-kid.com/

                                                                      Kristi – Yum BrandsYum-Brands

Pirate Clothes

Pirate Clothes

Get a Skull Pirate Belly dancing Scarf exclusively from www.BellyScarf.com.  Pirate clothes are fun to wear for parties and events.


Pirate Skull Scarves are here for Partying!


Events:     Great for Pirate Shows, Festivals, Gaspiralla Shows and Mardi Gras Events.

Size:        They are 5 Feet Wide (60 Inches) the rest you can tie around the hips

Wear:       People wear them on their Shoulders and Necks as necklaces or hips and dance away.

Coins:       158 coins that Jingle when you dance or shake it

Exclusive:  Only BellyScarf.com carries them with Limited Quantity, so Order one before they are Gone!

Skull Pirates

Skull Pirates

Plus Size Hip Scarves

Plus Size Hip Scarves

Dancing is for everyone, whether you are 3 year old kid or 80 year young retiree.  You don’t have to be skinny or overweight to enjoy dancing.  You don’t have to be a girl, or a boy.  Dancing is Free, it doesn’t cost any money and doesn’t have any barriers.   So why should these belly scarves be only one size fits all?  Plus Size Hip Scarves should set us free.

You can get Plus Size Hip Scarves at for only $15 at www.BellyScarf.com

Plus size hip scarf
Plus size hip scarf

Plus Size Hip Scarf is a larger hip scarf with 84′ Inches (7 Feet) in width and the rest you can tie on the side of your Hips.  Standard sizes are only 5 Feet.

Along with extra chiffon material, you get 220 coins to cover the extra material so it’s louder when you Shake your Hips.

Great for belly dancing, zumba clothing, dance events, parties, and great accessories on pants or skirts.

Available in many Colors!

Wrap around your hips and enjoy the bright colors with jingly sounds as you move!

Get one today at www.BellyScarf.com


Plus Size Hip Scarf

Plus Size Hip Scarf

Dancing is for everyone, whether you are 3 year old kid or 80 year young retiree.  You don’t have to be skinny or overweight to enjoy dancing.  You don’t have to be a girl, or a boy.  Dancing is Free, it doesn’t cost any money and doesn’t have any barriers.   So why should these belly scarves be only one size fits all?  Plus Size Hip Scarf should set us free.

You can get a Plus Size Hip Scarf for only $15 at www.BellyScarf.com

Plus size hip scarf

Plus size hip scarf

Plus Size Hip Scarf is a larger hip scarf with 84′ Inches (7 Feet) in width and the rest you can tie on the side of your Hips.  Standard sizes are only 5 Feet.

Along with extra chiffon material, you get 220 coins to cover the extra material so it’s louder when you Shake your Hips.

Great for belly dancing, zumba clothing, dance events, parties, and great accessories on pants or skirts.

Available in many Colors!

Wrap around your hips and enjoy the bright colors with jingly sounds as you move!


Coin Skirts

Coin Skirts

Although there are lots of names for these jingly skirts for belly dancing and zumba, let’s add another one, coin skirts

First there was Belly Scarves, then people started calling them belly dance hip scarf, or hip scarves. Some call them jinglies while others call them hip skirts.  Now some are starting to call them coin skirts.

Whatever you call them they are fun and great to wear for zumba classes and belly dancing classes.


You can get these coin skirts at www.BellyScarf.com or Jinglies at a low price for only $10-$15

Get them wholesale and they are even cheaper!

Dance with the hottest accessory in the Fitness industry

The best way to lose weight is to have fun and not even know it while you dance the night away.

Drape yourself with 160 musical coins that Jingle when you dance from the beat of your hips.

Time and Calories will slip away as you dance to the rhythm of the music and your favorite songs and lose weight at the same time.

Use it for Zumba, going out to Clubs, Swimwear, Belly Dancing, Lingerie, Bachelorette Parties, Special Events or Anything

Each Jinglie is 5 Feet Long (60 inches) and tie the rest you around your waist.

They are available in 30 different colors with Silver or Gold Coins to match your perfect outfit.

Let’s Dance, Have Fun, and Shake your Jinglies Belly Scarf

coin skirts

coin skirts

Black Light Zumba

Black Light Zumba

Black light Zumba

Black Light Zumba

Let’s take boring workouts to the next level by adding black light zumba

Bright Neon Colors glow when you add flavor to your zumba class or fundraiser.

You will get the brightest Pinks, Oranges, Whites and Animal Prints for any Party or You can choose Your Colors by typing in the “Specify Colors” below.

Size: They are 5 Feet Long or (60 Inches) the rest you tie on the Side of your Hips

Coins: They come with 160 Silver Coins that Jingle when you Shake your Dance Workout

Turn Off the Lights, turn the Black Light On, Shake them and See them GLOW!!!!!!


Kids are using black light zumba as well for zumbatomic

They are also available in plus sizes in neon colors.

Where to Buy Black Light Zumba Scarves?

You can go to www.BellyScarf.com and get a special 15 Blacklight zumba scarves for only 89.95 which is only $5.99 each!

Call 800-743-1860 or visit BlackLightZumba



Zumba Hip Scarves

Zumba Hip Scarves

Zumba Hip Scarves are the best things to shake at a zumba workout.  Belly Scarves help you

zumba hip scarves

zumba hip scarves

follow the rhythm of the music and the beat of the drum.  It helps you listen to the sounds of the jingly coins and concentrate on your ab core workout.
Zumba Hip scarves come in a variety of colors but mostly the bright colors are the best to use for zumba fitness.


Each scarf is about 5 feet, but do come in kids sizes and plus sizes as well.


Jinglies come in about 32 – 36 different colors.  You can also get them in animal prints, which are usually little bit more expensive but definately worth the price.  Sometimes you can get them at a great price if you sign up for the facebook page or newsletters.

Where to get it?

The best place to buy Zumba Hip Scarves is to get it from www.BellyScarf.com and www.Jinglies.com for about Ten Bucks!

These hip scarves are common in fitness workout gyms all across the nation including curves, la fitness and ymca.

Get one today at www.BellyScarf.com

You can even call 1-800-743-1860 to order online.


Usually takes 3-5 days, BellyScarf.com is pretty fast, just choose the 3 day priority and you’ll get it within the same week.


Why Learn Belly Dancing

To every one, why learn belly dancing?

By     Belly Dancer Melina

Here are some of the main benefits of belly-dancing:
•Helps improve overall muscle tone
•Strengthens pelvic muscles
•Prevents lower back problems

learn belly dancing

learn belly dancing

•Improves posture
•Improves hip flexibility
•Enhances flexibility and suppleness
•Relieve stress!

belly dance outfits

There is a big variety of outfits that are used for belly dance performances, ranging from Raqs Sharki cabaret style bra and belt sets, to baladi dresses, kaftans, tribal style costumes and more. In a belly dance performance, using the right costume is important as it defines your style and it enhances the movements.

Traditional and modern belly dance outfits are usually produced in Northern Africa and the Middle East and in many countries of these areas you will find appropriate belly dancing clothes and accessories. Folkloric and ethnic belly dancing outfits are found mostly in Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey.


A decorated bra embellished hip belt and bare midriff are the most basic parts of a cabaret belly dancing outfit. These outfits had originated from the influence of Vaudeville performers who created their costumes from the Victorian Orientalist pictures of -˜Harem Girls’. The costumes produced by the Orientalists were glamorously clad elucidations of the traditional folkloric outfits.

The traditional belly dancing makes use of costumes which are more on the conservative lines and are not as revealing as those used by the Raks Sharki dancers. Kaftans, harem pants, Thobe Al Nasha’r, baladi dresses are usually worn for traditional and folkloric dances.

Istanbul Bazaar, Turkey: If you want some beautiful accessories and belly dancing costumes then visit Istanbul Bazaar in Turkey and you will be amazed at the wide collection of gorgeous and elegant belts and bras. These belts and bras are usually beaded, jeweled, coined and embroidered. Skirts and harem pants worn by the dancers, embellished with gold coins or other antique items are also sold here. There are also many hip scarves available in the market to suit your belly dancing styles and are sequined and palliated, adding to the appeal of a belly dance performance.

Markets in Egypt: Egypt is another destination that cannot be missed for your belly dance shopping. In the markets of Cairo you can find anything from gorgeous costumes for cabaret bellydance style, to folkloric outfits. In Cairo there are also many costume designers, that you can visit for a custom made costume. India and Thailand: These are the best places for tribal belly dance outfits, where you can find amazing silver jewelry, choli tops, gypsy skirts and inexpensive fabric to make your own costume.

Good and affordable belly dance items and accessories can also be found in places such as Morocco and Tunisia. However, Turkey, Egypt and India are the places where you can find the biggest variety of items. Belly dance costumes and accessories can also be found, imported, in Europe and the USA, but in these countries they are obviously more expensive. ……………………..

Valeria Lo Iacono, the author of this article, has been involved in belly dancing for over 7 years, She currently teaches belly dance in Cardiff, UK, and is the owner of Worldbellydance.com. This is an site full of information for belly dancers, including news, tips, information on history, style, events and more.




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Military Belly Dancing

Military Belly Dancing

military belly dancing

military belly dancing

Show your Love for America by wearing a Military Belly Dancing Scarf.  Military Belly Dancing Camouflage Belly Scarves available exclusively at www.BellyScarf.com.  Great for Military dance parties and zumba events.

Even though they are camouflage, they will get noticed with the sound of 158 coins jingling when you dance.

Military Services

  • US Navy
  • US Marine Corp
  • Anyone in the US

Patriotic Scarves are in honor of our US Troops, wear them and shine with pride.

They are 60 inches wide as the standard size, and the rest ties on the side of your hips.

These scarves are very rare and unique, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Great Low Price

For  a limited time, get one for only $15 at http://www.BellyScarf.com

Share your love for America, Dance and have Fun :)  Call 1-800-743-1860 for bulk wholesale prices.